Contact Persons

Karl Metzger

Karl Metzger is Managing Partner, CEO of gmPlan with focus on both GMP and GDP, auditing & consulting. The Chemist acts as Qualified Person according to § 14 AMG as well as certified Auditor. Since more than 20 years he is conducting audits and managing GMP-Projects – worldwide.

Dr. Ekaterina Biehlig

Dr. Ekaterina Biehlig is responsible for quality relevant questions in the GDP & GMP area. She also focuses on quality control and training. As graduated material scientist, Dr. Biehlig got her PhD title in the polymer chemistry and physics field. She gained her experience as application chemist in an analytical instrumentation producing company.

Dr. Christian Hauck

Dr. Christian Hauck is a pharmacist, who has been working in this field for more than 30 years. His profound knowledge stems from his experience as a Qualified Person, head of production, pharmaco-vigilance manager, information officer, and responsible person for wholesale and is highly beneficial for the GMP auditingGMP office & training.

Dr. Volker Kukla

Dr. Volker Kukla has spent his entire professional career in the international medical technology segment. As product manager, research and production manager, he gained experience from different perspectives with the European and American approval regulations. He supports gmPlan in ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485 issues for medical devices and the FDA requirements.

Hans Metzger

The physician Hans Metzger is Head of Medical Science and part of our Pharmacovigilance team. Besides his activities for gmPlan, he has been working as anesthesiologist in a hospital and as emergency physician for many years.

Doria Zuo

Doria Zuo

Doria Zuo is Project Manager and represents gmPlan in China. Besides establishing our office in Chongqing, her focus is on GMP training & auditing. After graduating in biological engineering she gained her knowledge and experience of quality control and pharmaceutical quality management by heading the QC department of a pharmaceutical company for more than six years.

Susan Ohlendorf

Susan Ohlendorf works for gmPlan as Executive Assistant. In addition to administration and organization, she also works on various projects, particularly in the GDP and GMP environment. After successfully completing her Master’s degree in “Functional Plant Sciences”, she gained experience at an analytical laboratory for pharmaceutical raw materials and at a wholesaler and manufacturer of medicinal cannabis.